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20 August 2009 @ 08:31 pm
Did anyone notice Mountaha on the All-Star Challenge of Project Runaway. At least I think it was her.  When I find a screencap I will post it.
31 July 2009 @ 02:10 pm
I don't recall having seen these before...

Sorry for the links but I don't have time to save & upload all of them right now... maybe I'll comeback and edit the post later...
24 July 2009 @ 03:15 pm

He's the feature in the "Summer Heat" issue.
Photos and interview in the link.

I don't remember seeing this on here, so sorry if it's reposted.

Catching Up With Ronnie Kroell From Make Me a Supermodel, Part I
July 17, 2009 by Jonathan Rosales, GLAAD's Entertainment Media Manager

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Ronnie Kroell, the openly gay runner-up from the first season of Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel. Ronnie, who was a big fan favorite on the show, especially among the gay community, filled us all in on what he’s been up to since the show ended:

PHOTO and more under the cut...Collapse )
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25 June 2009 @ 03:19 pm
 TLo interviews Brandon

For all those of you who are interested in reading Brandon's interview.
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17 June 2009 @ 11:56 pm
Hey there! Just joined cuz I just noticed something.
I was watching the video for Taylor Swift's song "Picture to Burn" just now and who do I see.... SALOME! She's the "other girl".


Skip to about 3:25. She's next to the guy with a shocked look on her face.
She's looking pretty gorgeous.
Go Salome!

13 June 2009 @ 08:53 pm

TLo interviews Sandhurst

BTW, he also signed with NYMM. \o/