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bravosupermodel's Journal

Make Me A Supermodel
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for the Bravo TV show Make Me A Supermodel

Welcome to bravosupermodel, the first community for Bravo's TV show Make Me A Supermodel. Feel free to post as often as you would like about anything concerning the show. Just remember to follow our very simple rules. Thanks so much for joining and tell your friends!
1. Try to keep posts on topic.

2. I know that we all really like certain models and want them to win. Because of this, we get upset when someone we like leaves. But please do no take your anger out on other members of the community. Please respect the fact that we all have different opinions about who deserves to go home and who should stay. While it is okay to disagree with one another, let's disagree in a respectful way.

3. Before posting, please check the tags to make sure what you want to comment/ask about hasn't been covered in another post. If you're wanting to request a specific icon, video, etc., there is a good chance you can find it in a previous post as well. So check the tags first!

4. Spoilers must be posted under cuts and labeled as spoilers.

5. One-line comments and questions about the show belong in the Episode Discussion Posts. The community is active enough that any questions/comments will be seen and answered there.

6. Icon posts and fan art are welcome, but please post any pictures that are larger than 100x100px under a cut. If you are posting icon teasers, please do not post any more than 3 icons outside of a cut.

7. Fan fic posts are welcome, but please post all fan fic under a cut. In addition, fan fic must be friends-only and any material that is only suitable for 18+ must be labeled as such.

8. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact your moderator aoineko. You can e-mail me at aoineko at livejournal dot com.

I will delete posts that do not follow these rules.